What's A Celtic Ceilidh?

One of the most common questions we receive is “what is a ‘Ceilidh’, and how do I say it?”

A Ceilidh (pronouced kay-lee) is a Scottish or Irish social gathering, involving singing, dancing and story telling – like a party!

Our name is a reflection of our Scottish and Irish roots, and what we want to be for our dancers and dance families; a place for dancing, enjoyment, to make friends, and form many memories that will last a lifetime.

Our History

Celtic Ceilidh began as a Highland dance school, founded in 1995 by Dawn Moss. The dance school later expanded to include Irish, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical, Stretch and Hip Hop, allowing students to have a more well rounded dance training program.

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Our Philosophy

At Celtic Ceilidh, our qualified instructors strive to foster a passion and appreciation of dance, while delivering an individualized program for students to discover their own potential.

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Our Facility

We moved to our new studio in Fall 2012, located at the Argyll Center in South Edmonton (Argyll Road & Gateway Boulevard).

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