2016-17 Dance Fees*

A registration fee of $25+GST ($40+GST for families registering 2 or more dancers) is due at the time of registration in the form of cash or cheque.

Fees will be invoiced after registration, and all payments must be into the office prior to your dancer’s first class. Post-dated cheques are acceptable, please see payment schedules below fee chart.

Classes Fee GST Total
Preschool (0.5) $465.00 $23.25 $488.25
Preschool Combo (0.5 x2) $745.00 $37.25 $782.25
Primary (0.75) $505.00  $25.25 $530.25
Primary Combo (0.75 x2) $785.00 $39.25 $824.25
1 $555.00 $27.75 $582.75
2 (10% Off 2nd Class) $1054.40 $52.73 $1107.23
3 (20% Off 3rd Class) $1498.50 $74.93 $1573.43
4 (30% Off 4th Class) $1887.00 $94.35 $1981.35
5 (40% Off 5th Class) $2220.00 $111.00 $2331.00
6 (40% Off 6th Class) $2553.00 $127.65 $2680.65
7 (40% Off 7th Class) $2886.00 $144.30 $3030.30
Unlimited (Individual 8+) $3219.00 $160.95 $3379.95
Choreography or Pointe Class (0.5) $250.00 $12.50 $262.50
Family Discount 10% Off Additional Students’ Classes
Competition Solo
(8 Half-Hour Private Classes)
$250.00 $12.50 $262.50
Competition Duo
(9 Half-Hour Semi-private Classes)
 $150 .00 $7.50 $157.50
Per Dancer
Competition Trio
(10 Half-Hour Semi-private Classes)
 $110.00 $5.50 $115.50
Per Dancer
Half-Hour Private Class
Available on Request
$25.00 $1.25 $26.25
Preschool/Primary (each) $60.00 $3.00 $63.00
Recreation (each) $80.00 $4.00 $84.00
Competitive (each) $120.00 $6.00 $126.00
Rental $25.00 $1.25 $26.25
Other Charges:
Registration Fee – Individual $25.00 $1.25 $26.25
Registration Fee – Family $40.00 $2.00 $42.00
Drop-in Class (Max. 3) $17.00/class $0.85 $17.85/class
Competitions – Invoiced in Nov. Varied
Exams – Invoiced in Nov. & Feb. Varied

*Fees are published on the website as a convenience. In the event of a discrepancy the fee list quoted by the Celtic Ceilidh Office will be correct.
**Receipts for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit (max. $1000)  will be issued in March 2017.

It is a client’s responsibility to ensure their account is paid in full.
Celtic Ceilidh reserves the right to refuse classes to students with unpaid or overdue tuition fees.

Frequently Asked Fee Questions

How can I pay?

We accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card.

Cash and credit card will only be accepted if fees are being paid in full.

If you wish to split your fees into multiple payments, you may pay in up to ten post-dated cheques for the first of each month from September to June. All post-dated cheques must be received by the office during the first week of classes. There will be a $25 NSF charge on any bounced cheques.

Are there any other fees to expect?

Other fees vary and will be invoiced throughout the year. These include exam and competition fees.

Costs associated with dancing that may also arise are pictures of your dancer and their group from our picture day, tickets to our year end show, and DVDs of our year end show. All of these are optional to order.

You should also budget for dance class wear, tights and shoes – young dancers may grow out of these during the dance year. See our Dress Code for information about what you dance needs to wear in class.

Are dance fees eligible for the Child Fitness Tax Credit?

Yes! Dance programs do meet the requirements of the Child Fitness Tax Credit. Only fees towards dance instruction and registration, paid within the calendar year, are eligible for the tax credit. The maximum amount eligible is $1000 as of 2014. This does not include:

– Costumes
– G.S.T.
– Travel Fees
– Competition / Exam Fees
– Photo / DVD Payments

Receipts for the Child Fitness Tax Credit are distributed in March.

Will I receive a refund if my dance withdraws?

That depends on when your dancer withdraws. Our withdrawal policy is as follows: withdraw from any class will be accepted with written notice prior to October 15th of the given dance year, at which time fees will be assessed and a partial refund granted for classes not attended.

This deadline is in place to allow dancers a period at the beginning of the year to try our classes and ensure the class is a good fit. We understand that situations may arise that lead to withdrawal, however we do need to finalize our classes to ensure we have enough students to run the class, order costumes, and so teachers have their group in place to choreograph a dance. This is why we have a withdrawal deadline.

Individually missed dance classes will not be refunded.