Our Irish Program

As seen in the well known Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, this traditional dance form native to Ireland is known for its fast footwork and relatively stationary upper body and arms. Dancers will learn basic set steps and dances. Additional competition and choreography classes are offered to students
interested in solo (Feis) or group competition work.

Irish classes are available for Ages 3-6, Junior (6-11),
Senior (Junior High & up) and Adult dancers.


A one hour class designed to learn and develop the required skills, positions, movements and Irish dances such as Reels and Jigs. Dancers may take a technique class to be recommended for competition, or purely for personal enjoyment.

Dancers begin learning the soft shoe dances, and will eventually be required to purchase hard shoes at the instructors recommendation when the required skill level has been achieved.


Dancers who wish to compete in Irish Feis (pronounced “fesh”) dance competitions must register in a Competition class in addition to their technique class.

This program is for Irish dancers interested in a more intensive dance training experience, with a focus on the strength, endurance and technique required to compete. The additional competition class will prepare dancers to compete at local Feis competitions throughout the year.

Irish dancers are welcome to join the competitive program after completing the Beginner 2 technique class.


An additional class focused on group routine based on Irish steps and movements.

Dancers in our competitive choreography program must be able to commit to all rehearsals, competitions and performances, and will be expected to meet all dress, hair and makeup requirements as outlined by the choreographer. Due to the team nature of competing with a group, dancers must be fully dedicated as their fellow dancers and instructor count on them in order for the group to be successful.