As members of our dance family, all dancers and their families are expected to be aware of
and adhere to the following policies:

For Dancers

  • Arrive 10 minutes prior to your class start time to ensure you are ready on time, with the proper hair and attire according to our dress code. If you are late, please knock and wait outside the classroom until your instructor permits you to enter.
  • You are required to follow the Celtic Ceilidh Dress Code for the class you are participating in. See details on our Dress Code page.
  • Use the washrooms before coming to class.
  • Do not enter the studio unless there is an instructor present in the room.
  • Leave all belongings, including cell phones, in the dressing room or with parents during class. Only a water bottle and notebook is permitted in the classroom. Celtic Ceilidh is not responsible for the loss of any belongings.

Most Important!

Have a positive attitude, always put in your best effort, encourage your fellow classmates and dancers, have fun, and make many new friends and memories!

For Dancers in Competitive Choreography Program

You must be present for all competitions and rehearsals.

  • You agree to all make up, hair, and costume requirements as requested by the teacher.
  • Missing more than three choreography classes or required pre-requisite classes for your competitive choreography program may result in dismissal from the competitive group. The success of our competitive dance groups requires the full commitment and dedication of each individual dancer.

For All Dancers & Visitors In Our Studio

  • Remove outdoor footwear at the entrance of the studio and place in the provided shoe racks.
  • Food is only permitted in the atrium, not anywhere in the studio, dressing rooms or foyer. Dancers at the studio for an extended period of time may eat their snacks in the atrium. Please use the appropriate garbage and recycle bins provided. Water bottles are permitted in class.
  • Respect the building and property of others. Vandalism of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Do not run or make noise in the hallways.

For Parents & Guardians

  • Notify the office when your dancer is going to be absent, so we can notify the instructor.
  • Please wait outside of the studios and enjoy the building’s atriums while your dancer is in class. We will have a designated watch week for parents to see the progress your dancer is making.
  • You are responsible for ensuing your dancer is supervised outside of dance class. You may leave the studio if time permits during your dancer’s class, but ensure you return on time to pick them up when class is finished. Please make sure the office has your emergency contact information on file if you do leave.
  • Withdraw from class will be accepted with written notice prior to October 15th of the given dance year, at which time fees will be assessed and a partial refund granted. Individually missed dance classes will not be refunded.