Look like a dancer, feel like a dancer!

Why is dress code important?

We enforce a dress code for our dancers because:

  1. It allows the instructor to see a dancer’s alignment and positioning.
  2. Baggy clothes can hide bad habits and mistakes. An instructor needs to be able to see a dancer’s form in order to properly correct them.
  3. It teaches students discipline, helping with focus and energy.
  4. It creates unity among the dancers, much like a school uniform. This unified look helps to minimize distractions.
  5. “Dressing the part” helps dancers to feel like dancers.

Do’s & Don’ts of Dance Class Wear

Celtic Ceilidh Dress Code

All dancers will wear their hair in a pony tail to every class, with the exception of ballet, for which hair must be in a bun.  Shorter hair must be off the face.



Black tank (sleeveless) bodysuit, knee-high socks and black lycra shorts. Preschool dancers may wear black microfiber tights instead of white knee-high socks and shorts. All highland dancers require regulation Highland dance pumps. Angelo Luzio Highland dance ghillies are not permitted. Jig shoes will be required upon the teacher’s recommendation.



As for Highland, may wear either knee high socks or black tights.



Black tank (sleeveless) bodysuit, black microfiber tights, and regulation Irish dance pumps. Hard shoes will be required when a certain level has been achieved, at which time the qualified instructor will advise when they are needed.


Tap & Jazz

Black tank (sleeveless) bodysuit, caramel microfiber tights. Black lycra shorts are permitted. Bloch Jazz shoes, Tap shoe brand and style to be discussed with teacher prior to purchasing.



Flexible dancer and/or yoga wear. All soft soled dance footwear is permissible. No socks.



All require pink leather regulation ballet shoes. Bodysuit and tights are as follows:

  • Preschool -”Ballet Pink” tank (sleeveless) bodysuit with matching tights.
  • Primary – Purple tank (sleeveless) bodysuit with Ballet pink tights.
  • Grades 1 and up – Black tank (sleeveless) bodysuit with Ballet pink tights.

Character shoes and pointe shoes will be required upon the teacher’s recommendation for higher grades.



As for Ballet.

Musical Theatre

Any of the above listed dance wear is appropriate.



Black or white plain solid colour t-shirt and black shorts or leggings.  Dance sneakers or choreography sneakers as chosen by the instructor.  NO outdoor footwear or street clothing.



Plain white t-shirt (no graphics or logos), black shorts and the required shoes as per the dance discipline.



Work out/yoga wear: sleeveless tank, shorts, capris, or leggings and the required shoe as per the dance discipline.